Collection: Bulk buy dim sims in Melbourne — deep fried or pan fried

Discover Melbourne's finest dim sims, available for bulk purchase at House of Yum Cha. Whether you prefer them deep fried for a crisp, golden finish or pan fried for a tantalising texture, our dim sims are a culinary delight, perfect for any occasion.

Steamed deliciousness

Our steamed dim sim collection features a variety of flavours like pork & prawn, chicken & prawn, and chicken & ginger siu mai, and unique creations like scallop topped pork & prawn and truffle, pork & prawn siu mai. 

Pan fried perfection

Our fried dim sims are a crispy sensation. Each bite delivers a perfect balance of crunch and flavor, making them a hit for any event or gathering.  This range includes tempting options like sesame prawn toast, prawn puff, beef puff, and beancurd skin dim sum varieties with prawn or chicken. Please see our full wholesale collection for more information. 

Easy ordering for your convenience

Ordering in bulk for your event anywhere in Melbourne is easy and convenient with House of Yum Cha. Our team ensures a smooth process from selection to delivery, guaranteeing that your dim sims arrive fresh and delicious.

The House of Yum Cha difference

We’re dedicated to providing only the best. Our commitment to quality ingredients and authentic preparation methods makes our dim sims a must-have for your next event or gathering in Melbourne. Get in touch with us now to taste the difference.