Collection: Bulk buy steamed dumplings — handmade in Melbourne with local ingredients

Our selection of handcrafted steamed dumplings, made right here in Melbourne. Whether you're a restaurant owner, event organiser, or simply a dumpling enthusiast, we've got a variety that's sure to delight.

Our Pork, Prawn & Chives Dumpling is a classic favourite. Filled with succulent pork, fresh prawns, and aromatic chives, it's a bite-sized bundle of joy that'll tickle your taste buds.

Next, we have our Pork Siu Mai and Beef Siu Mai. These open-faced dumplings are packed full of flavour. The juicy pork or beef filling, encased in a thin, pleated wrapper, provides a satisfying contrast of textures that's as pleasing to the palate as it is to the eye.

Buy juicy steamed dumplings handmade in Melbourne

Seafood lovers will appreciate our Prawn & Chive Dumpling and Scallop Dumpling. Each one is bursting with the ocean's bounty, wrapped in a delicate dumpling skin. They're a taste of the sea, right in the heart of Melbourne. If you’d like to bulk buy these delicious steamed dumplings, reach out to us now!  

Our Scallop Siu Mai is another seafood delight. The scallops add a luxurious touch to the traditional Siu Mai, making this dumpling a truly special treat. And let's not forget about our Vegetable Dumpling. It's a veggie-packed parcel of goodness that proves dumplings don't need meat to be mouthwateringly delicious.

We’re passionate about high-quality dumplings, bao, and finger food. All our dumplings are handmade with care in Melbourne, using only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. When you bulk buy from us, you're not just getting high-quality dumplings; you're also supporting local suppliers and artisans. Browse our range below and get in touch with us if you need any more info.