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Who are we? 
House of Yum Cha is a dumpling and Asian food wholesaler right here in Melbourne. We are dedicated on producing high quality hand made dumplings, baos and finger food for our clients. Our goal is to maintain the traditional art of dumpling making while innovating new flavours and designs for today's market. 


So, what makes us different? 
Apart from making the juiciest dumplings you've ever seen - Our people and production processes are second to none. Our focus is solely on the quality and taste of our dumplings. Intricate textures and designs can only be achieved by making these by hand. We also source our ingredients locally and believe in the power of employment for our chefs and their families. We proudly collaborate with other brands across Melbourne to bring their dumpling ideas to life - So, get in touch if you have one!

Where do I go from here? 
We love meeting new people and restaurant owners. If you're keen to give us a go - we'll make sure to bring along a box of samples for you to try (on-us, of course!) Just drop us an email at or call Richard on 040 352 7854 to arrange a time. See you soon.