Elevate Your Melbourne Events with Artisanal Dumplings from House of Yum Cha

Savour the Delight of Handcrafted Perfection

Welcome to House of Yum Cha, where the ancient craft of dumpling-making meets contemporary flavours to grace your events in Melbourne. With each fold and pleat, our master craftsmen infuse passion and tradition into creating not just food, but art for the palate.

Why Choose House of Yum Cha for Your Event?

  • Unmatched Freshness with a Local Touch

Our promise is a journey of taste that starts from the freshest local produce, handpicked to ensure that each dumpling we serve is a testament to quality and freshness. At House of Yum Cha, our hand-made dumplings are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, offering textures and designs that only the human touch can achieve.

  • A Symphony of Flavours

  • From the succulent prawn, the tender embrace of chicken, the sumptuous delight of crab, to the earthy goodness of our vegetarian options, we cater to every palate. Our steamed dumplings offer a soft, delicate treat, while our fried dumplings present a crispy indulgence, both perfect for any event on the Melbourne scene.

  • Celebrated by Venues Nationwide

  • Trusted by over 80 venues across Australia, House of Yum Cha stands as a hallmark of excellence. When you choose us, you’re not just buying dumplings for your event; you’re investing in a premium culinary experience that is renowned and revered.

  • Commitment to Quality

  • Our HACCP Certification is not just a badge, but a commitment to upholding the highest standards in food safety and quality, ensuring your guests enjoy nothing but the best.

    Ordering Made Easy for Events

    Dumplings for Events in Bulk

    Planning a large gathering or corporate event? Our wholesale options are streamlined to provide you with bulk buy dumplings for events without compromising on the personalised touch that makes our offerings unique. Every event is different, and so should be the culinary experience – get in touch with us, and let us tailor a dumpling feast that aligns with the essence of your event in Melbourne.

    How to Bring House of Yum Cha to Your Table

  • Step 1: Choose Your Dumplings

  • Navigate through our exclusive collections and select the perfect mix of steamed and fried dumplings that resonate with your event’s theme and your guests’ tastes.

  • Step 2: Bulk and Save

  • For events, the more the merrier, and with our wholesale prices, the more is also the savvier. Order in bulk and ensure a feast that will be remembered.

  • Step 3: Seamless Delivery

  • Located right here in Melbourne, we ensure that your order arrives fresh and ready to enchant your guests.

    Begin the Culinary Journey for Your Event

    Are you ready to dazzle your guests with a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary? Buy dumplings for events from House of Yum Cha and taste the tradition, innovation, and love in every bite.

    Enquire now. House of Yum Cha – your premier choice for dumplings at Melbourne events.

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