Dumpling wholesale in Sydney - bulk buy dumplings now!

Welcome to the exquisite world of House of Yum Cha's dumplings, now available for wholesale in Sydney. Our premium selection, featuring both steamed and fried dumplings, offers an unparalleled culinary experience for businesses and events.

A variety to satisfy every palate

Our extensive selection includes a wide range of flavours and styles, ensuring that there's a dumpling to satisfy every taste. From classic pork and prawn siu mai to innovative vegetarian options, our dumplings are crafted to perfection, promising an unforgettable taste experience.

Streamlined wholesale ordering and delivery

Understanding the demands of Sydney's fast-paced business environment, we provide a streamlined process for wholesale orders. From easy online ordering to reliable delivery, our service is designed to be hassle-free, ensuring that your dumplings arrive fresh and ready to serve.

Quality and freshness guaranteed

At House of Yum Cha, we are committed to using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that every dumpling we serve is of the highest quality. Our skilled chefs expertly prepare each batch, guaranteeing a consistent and delicious product for your business anywhere in Sydney.

Partner with the best

We invite Sydney businesses to experience the difference that quality dumplings can make. Whether you're a restaurant, caterer, or event planner, our dumplings will elevate your menu and delight your clients. Get in touch with us now to begin a partnership that will set your offerings apart.

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